(The light-blue border is my fluxbox slit, it will be replaced by the background of the dock of your window manager.)


wmspaceclock (or spaceclock for short) is an antialiased analog clock for the Window Maker dock to show the current local time. wmspaceclock falls under the GPL (GNU General Public License)

I wrote this program because I haven't found a nice antialiased analog clock for my fluxbox slit. After searching the net I found only pclock and astime, but neither had the cool antialiasing hands of asclock_applet shipped with GNOME. I found the AfterStep version of the GNOME applet, but it didn't have that nice antialiased theme I wanted so much.

The clock I liked most (though I wouldn't really use it) was wmfishtime by timecop <timecop at japan dot co dot jp>. I had a look at its source code, this was the one which inspired me to write my own clock applet. pclock was the second on my list, it lived in my fluxbox slit until I finished spaceclock. Also I have stolen some background pixmaps from the pclock distribution.

Spaceclock uses a simple algorithm utilizing a subpixel mask to draw antialiased polygons. It could be enhanced further both in memory usage and output quality with a smarter algorithm, but the currently implemented approach seem to be acceptable for me.

Why spaceclock? This is simple: I am a member of a small scene group called (SpaceHawks). It was pretty straightforward to use the word "space" . Also, it is very useful to fill the unused space on your screen...




Major changes




Thanks to Alexander Kourakos for his excellent clock applet called pclock. I used some nice pixmaps from his archive to make spaceclock look even better.

Thanks to Timecop for the cool wmfishtime clock. I based parts of my program on his work.


Copyright 2001-2002 Attila Tajti <attis at spacehawks dot hu>

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